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How Laser Hair Removal Works

It’s crucial to understand that hair growth differs for everyone, and that the rate of hair growth depends on things such as: area of body, heredity, ethnicity, and skin type. The hair growth cycle consists of 3 distinct stages, so it’s important to time your laser appointments with these stages.  

My Girl Souz laser-hair-removal-calgary-4-1024x724 How Laser Hair Removal Works

Anagen Phase

This is where laser hair removal is the most effective. Your hair is growing from the follicle and is high in melanin.

Catagen Phase

This phase is where your hair stops growing, and your hair follicles are smaller than they were in the anagen phase. 

Telogen Phase

This is the resting phase, where your hair is no longer growing, and is waiting to be released from the follicle from hair regrowth. 

We want to time our hair treatments so that they fall within the anagen phase, as it is the most effective in removing the hair follicle. We recommend waiting anywhere between 4-8 weeks in between sessions to allow for hair regrowth back to the anagen phase. With a structured schedule, we are able to see permanent hair removal results much faster! Book your consultation today!


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