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5 Reasons to Ditch the Razor

One of the beauties of laser hair removal is the fact that you’ll never have to touch another razor again. This is amazing because it helps you save SO much time! Here are my favorite reasons to ditch the razor and go laser!

1. Razor Burn – The worst feeling ever! Laser hair removal means no more razor burn, especially my sensitive skin girls! 

2. Replacing Razor Blades – You’ll never have to worry about having to replace your razor again. Did you know, you should be changing your blades every 10 days? That adds up quick!

3. Salt Water Burn – Picture yourself getting beach ready, and making sure you’re clean and hairless for your bikini. You step into the water and you feel a painful stinging sensation in the areas you just shaved! Ugh, no thanks. 

4. No Stubbles – I don’t know what’s worse, long hair or stubbles! I don’t miss those prickly stubbles what so ever!

5. Ingrown Hairs – this is probably the WORST and most painful part of shaving. If untreated, ingrown hairs can start to cause cysts, scars, and painful bumps! 

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