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What is Laser Vein Treatment

Have you ever found tiny little blue/purple veins appear on your body? Those are called spider veins! They are usually caused by unwanted blood pools in the veins close to the surface of the skin. These can be caused by a number of things such as obesity, hereditary, hormone levels, and stress! Luckily enough, they are easy to remove with our Gentle Max Pro laser therapy machine

How it Works

It works by sending strong bursts of light, which is then converted into heat, directly onto the infected area. This heat causes the small blood vessels to collapse and disappear over time. This is the most effective treatment to get rid of spider veins, and you can see a reduction in color and size by about 80% in just one session. 

Book a consultation with me today! Feel free to email me pictures of the effected areas so I am able to give you a more accurate estimate to get these veins treated!

My Girl Souz Laser-Vein-Treatments-1024x1024 What is Laser Vein Treatment
My Girl Souz Laser-Vein-Treatments-souz-calgary-1024x1024 What is Laser Vein Treatment
My Girl Souz Laser-Vein-Treatments-calgary-souz-1024x1024 What is Laser Vein Treatment

Check out our laser vein treatment options here!


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