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Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Men

Laser hair removal isn’t just for the babes! Men can also get laser hair treatments

Ever wondered how some men just have that FRESH lineup of hair? Whether that be on your hairline, or on your beard, anything is possible here!

Here are some of the top reasons for men to get laser hair removal!

1. To manage excess body hair. Some men were born with excess body hair on their back, chest and stomach areas. The common misconception is that laser hair removal will leave you completely hairless, but that’s not true at all! A few treatments at a time can reduce the numbers of hairs growing back significantly. A lot of men get laser hair removal to simply thin their hair out, but not to become fully hairless

2. Hygiene. Having body hair does not mean you are less hygienic, but managing the amount of hair on your body can help reduce irritation and ingrown hairs. For those with severe ingrown hairs that lead to dark blemishes on the skin, laser can be a great way to treat the hair follicle to prevent cysts from forming. 

3. Easier grooming. When you have freshly cut lines, it makes your morning routine so much easier! No more worrying about ingrown hairs, or red bumps from shaving. We can create a natural beard line to help you reduce the labor of shaving! 

My Girl Souz laser-hair-removal-calgary-men-souz Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Men

We have packages made specifically for men! 

The Clean Shaven Package – Includes cheeks, beard, full neck (front and back)

Chest & Abdomen

Back & Shoulders

The Abdomen

Check out our full list hair removal treatment options here!


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