Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent or Temporary?

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a laser to remove unwanted hair. A laser is a concentrated beam of light that is used as a primary tool in this procedure. The laser produces a focused beam of light that is absorbed by the melanin pigments in our hair. When the melanin absorbs this light, the light energy is then converted into heat energy. This heat energy then damages the tube-shaped sacs or the hair follicles within the skin. It’s bodily function is to produce hair through the follicles. When these tube-shaped sacks are damaged, then it inhibits or delays the future growth of the hair.

People often opt for Laser hair removal to get hair removed from the face and armpits. Still, there is some uncertainty for some people before opting into laser hair removal to help remove hair permanently or temporarily. Let’s find out, does Laser hair removal permanently remove hair?

1-    Not a one-time Affair:

Laser hair removal is not a one-time affair. The sessions may change depending on the hair growth, skin type, and hair colour. The treatment period can vary from 3 weeks and upwards. It has, however, been observed that 90% of the people have been able to achieve 100% hair removal after multiple sessions only. This means that there will be no further need for shaving or waxing certain body parts. These results can only be achieved after several sessions, and you won’t be able to get sufficient reductions in just one session. This is because the hair on your body under the skin is in different phases of development. Therefore, there is no way to treat all the hair follicles at once. Each level of session helps you achieve a different level of hair reduction. The session plan depends upon the amount of hair, hair growth, and effectiveness of the treatment. If a treatment reduces the hair colour from black to a lighter colour and thinner, then that is considered a permanent hair reduction.

laser treatment

2-    Is not always lasting:

Hair removal may not last forever. The place where you would have seen no growth might start to have some hair growth in a few years. This is because a few hair follicles may develop post-laser treatment, and hence when the treatment has been done, it would have had no effect on these dormant hair follicles. The total reduction in hair growth can only be achieved after multiple laser hair reduction sessions, which may take up to several years to be done. This can also be thought of as maintenance needed so that the hair doesn’t grow back. Timely maintenance will make sure that the hair follicles don’t develop, and hence there would also be no new hair growth.

Hair removal through laser treatment is a very scientific and medically tested way of eliminating hair growth. People might have to go through multiple sessions to make sure that the hair growth is initially reduced, and then with the sessions taking place at continuous intervals, until the hair growth finally stops. Hair removal through laser is not a painful process and will be good enough to ensure that you don’t have to use epilators or waxing strips for a long time. Hence to answer the question, does Laser hair removal remove hair permanently or temporarily? The short answer is yes, laser hair removal is permanent should you routinely come in to maintain and remove new hair follicles as they come into place naturally.


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