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Laser Hair Removal​ Service

Laser Hair Removal Men Male Calgary

We’re all familiar with the pain and discomfort that comes from traditional methods for hair removal. The harsh chemicals can irritate your skin or cause rashes, while razor bumps are common in both men and women who electric shaver their faces too frequently (or if you have sensitive skins). What most people don’t realize is how much these side effects impact our health!

Laser hair removal is a painless and efficient way to permanently get rid of pesky body hairs. Our modern laser hair removal technology utilized at our Calgary clinic, the Gentle Max Pro provides you with multiple benefits including comfort, speed, effectiveness!

We offer an innovative, comfortable hair removal service that helps you permanently remove your unwanted hairs in only 6-10 sessions. Our process is quick and efficient so it won’t take long before all of those pesky frizzes are gone!

Laser Hair Removal Men Male Calgary

Leg & Facial Vein Treatment Calgary

Spider veins are a common cosmetic issue that can appear on the surface of your legs or face. They’re not harmful, but they may be bothersome because you’ll notice them when naked in front of others (especially if there’s an prominent one). The most likely cause for these small veins showing is due to valve failure within our blood vessels which causes increased pressure from too much stress/sunlight- damage done.

There are a variety of techniques that can be used to treat leg veins, but they all have some drawbacks. For example wearing compression socks only provides short term relief and invasive surgical procedures may not always work well for people who want long-term results without any side effects from their treatments. Our Gentle Max Pro laser therapy is an excellent alternative because it treats unwanted features such as these pesky spider veins on your feet, legs, or face, while ensuring you’re getting top notch skin care at the same time! With this technology you won’t need anything else except our aftercare instructions so get ready—you might just feel like showing off!

Laser Hair Removal Calgary

Solar Lentigines Calgary

The sun is a powerful source of UV radiation that can cause hyper-pigmentation to occur on your skin. Solar lentigo are harmless patches caused by exposure, which contain more melanin than usual due it being in an area with high concentration for longer periods time while also getting older making them common amongst those over 40 years old but not exclusively so you should never fear these characteristics if they do happen anywhere near this age group!

Our treatments do not require any invasive procedures. We only use light-based technology that will safely remove the appearance of age spots from all types of patients including dark or olive toned complexions without worry about side effects because it’s safe on every type imaginable – even sensitive ones like fair skins which can easily break out in acne when stressed by unevenness caused during summer months.

Age Spot Removal Treatment Calgary
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Perfectly Soft Skin

Your Skin will Be Softer and Silkier After Every Treatment

My Girl Souz - Laser Hair Removal Calgary · Leg and facial Veins Calgary · Solar Lentigines Calgary
Long Lasting Results

Guaranteed to Provide Long Lasting Results

My Girl Souz - Laser Hair Removal Calgary · Leg and facial Veins Calgary · Solar Lentigines Calgary
No Painful Down Time

Our Treatment Process Leaves No Scars Or Painful Side Effects

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